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Mansfield-- Madison Township Zoning Inspector speaks to City of Mansfield Planning Commission concerning a proposed recycling business at 800 Lehigh Avenue.  "I know the citizens would be unhappy," Madison Township zoning inspector Wayne McKenna told the commission Tuesday. "It's a residential neighborhood that borders that property. "I can see some pretty good sized vehicles coming in and out of there."

"The ideal solution", from the township's perspective, "would be to build a new driveway so trucks could access the business from another direction", McKenna said.

McIntyre recently told the commission McDaniel intends to sell auto parts over the Internet, to a wider customer base than just north central Ohio. That means parts would not sit around long, he said. The owner's intentions are to bring in a relatively small number of vehicles, quickly strip them of parts, dispose of any hazardous waste safely, and sell parts rapidly, McIntyre said.

Probably 29 of 30 trucks entering the property would comply with posted weight limits for truck traffic, he added. The only exception would be heavier trucks removing "the carcasses of cars" after they are stripped of valuable parts, McIntyre said.

McDaniel could start the business out of current buildings on the property, the attorney told city officials. But his ultimate intent would be to demolish older buildings and put up a new facility to house the entire recycling operation indoors, he said.

The business owner also should work with Madison Township officials to iron out concerns about heavy truck traffic that would end up using township roads to get to the business, Remy added.

McKenna told the commission he wouldn't mind seeing the property redeveloped.  "It's an eyesore. Fences are falling down. It doesn't look good," he said.

Above article from Mansfield NewsJournal


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